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Monster Blog - Our Puppy Love

First touch:

Cafe Zuri Monster puppy Denver
Cafe Zuri Monster

We’ve met the puppies for the first time in a park. Social distancing well considering. Foster mom brought Monster and his sister Moonbeam. It was love at first sight. Cuddling, playing, and finger biting included. After returning home we had to vote of taking on Monster or not. And here we are. We picked him up 4 days later. Not knowing what to expect, Monster moved in.

Now, a month later, I am feeling like “Sleepless in Seattle”. But I am sleepless in Denver.

First meet with out puppy
Puppy love Cafe Zuri

Monster in his new home, Cafe Zuri
Monster, a puppy to loose your heart to

November 2020

Meet Monster, Puppy and the grow. Times are uncertain and so are safe homes and shelter. The Zuri Family has rescued a puppy. He is about 10 weeks now. We figured that his birthday is September 17th. He was left alone with his sisters to die in an abandon house and a samaritan found the siblings and took them to a shelter. All of the puppies found a safe home. Meet Monster He has wrinkles in his face, making him looking very cute. The breed is just a guess, a mix of some sweetness and a snuggle. His white socks and tuxedo are clean and fitting well.

December 1/2020 What does Monster need?

He found the loving home. He needed care, a lot of food and a lot of walks. We took him out for a walk every 3 hours, day and night. He started being potty trained very quickly. But he discovered that shoes and socks are very taste and fun to rip apart.



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