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We are a local, creative family who provides our costumers with a real coffee shop, where life happens over a good cup of coffee and homemade pastries. You can also enjoy our Irish Coffee, Czech Mule, Mimosa, or Espresso Martini.

The Zuri Family has its roots in Europe. Inspired by our love for the coffee culture, Café Zuri opened its doors in October 2012. We are a local independent coffee shop and micro bar in the heart of the Highlands Neighborhood in Denver.


Providing an excellent dining experience to our customers is our mission at Café Zuri. We know most of our customers by name and their drinks by heart.  


Our entire food selection is based on European recipes and made by European bakers. We offer French Croissants and Danishes, Czech Apple Strudel, Swiss Carrot Cake, Austrian Linzer, German Peach Vanilla Cake, and other delicious pastries and cakes.


The European experience in the heart of Highlands does not stop with our pastries. Selection of beer, wine and spirits will take you straight to Europe without getting on a plane. German, Danish, Spanish, and Czech beer, German wine, Irish Whisky, Italian Sambuca, French Chartreuse, and many other liqueurs. Our signature drink is the original Czech Mule, refreshing and smooth made with a Czech Herbal Liquor, Ginger Beer, and slice of Lime.


We are part of the neighborhood and our coffee shop is home away from home for many of our customers. New friendships are created and the old ones become stronger in Café Zuri. Our customers become our friends as the Zuri Family grows every day.


Disconnect your self from the social media and connect with real friends and strangers at Café Zuri, be part of our Zuri Family.

NO WIFI and NO Labtop. Thank you.


Café Zuri...

where the world meets

Café Zuri
3718 West 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
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